Operation Beetle Trap
Questions we had after our project
Why did all of the flies go in the green ground trap?
Why did we catch such a small number of beetles?
Could the rotting pigs in the area have affected the number of beetles that came to our traps?
Were the results of the hanging traps not accurate because of competition due to their closeness?
Why was there a large moth in our one trap?
If we had left the traps out there longer, could we have caught different insects?
Is our bait of dead fish and chicken effective?
If we had not put the traps in the forest would we have captured as many insects?
The large beetle and moth that we found were both orange and black, do these colored insects have a particular attraction to our traps?
Did some bugs escape our traps? ......... Maybe there were more beetles in them but they escaped
Could wind direction have had an effect?...........maybe temperature?
Did the shade in the forest have an effect?
Did the beetles like the ground traps more than the hanging traps?