Dr. Bill Gallagher (Adjunct Professor of Paleontology, STARI Research Fellow) presented a morning talk on the CSI of a Dinosaur Dig, detailing how dinosaur bones are excavate in the field. The presentation discussed how data was gathered from a Triceratops quarry, and from the entire stratigraphic section, to make interpretations about:
  • what the prehistoric environment was like
  • how the dinosaur skeleton came to be buried in the condition in which it was found
  • the other animals in its environment
  • how the animal lived- its approximate age, rate of growth, how petrified (or not) the bones are, etc.

Bill then led us on a field trip to a fossil site in Monmouth County where each students fossils, including extinct oysters, squid pens, and shark teeth.

Searching for shark teeth

Manny, Leanne and Christian, examining what they found

Samples of 72 million year-old shark teeth.